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We're aware of the dilemma you are in! With a diverse spectrum of options and packages and the complex technical aspects that you don't fully grasp, making a decision is not really a walk in the park!
  • We put down an easy to follow road-map for your PPC Marketing that will take you step by step through the labyrinths of search engines and back to your own bank account;
  • Our strategy is not simply to drive more traffic to your website, but we've tied up state of the art technology with our unique marketing expertise to achieve optimum results, thus maintaining the highest ROI and keeping you ahead of the game.
Video Advertising
A form of PPC Marketing with Google Adwords is Video Ads, where we start displaying your Video on YouTube shooting for Views and Subscribers to your channel.
Google Search
The most commonly known scheme of PPC Marketing with Google Adwords is Google Search, where you aim to get your website listed on top of the search results page of Google for the top performing keywords in your line of business. The way we do this one is Pure Magic!
Display Advertising
Another form of PPC Marketing with Google Adwords is running a set of Rich Media/Animated Banner Ads across a group of websites within the Google Display Network that has certain criteria that we decide upon together, this one is the magic stick for Brand Awareness & Branding!
Google Shopping
The latest form of PPC Marketing with Google Adwords is the Google Shopping Ads. In which we create an inventory of your retail items on Google and start showing them to customers interested in buying these products. They are told to be the highest converting Ads for retail businesses on Google.
Google Remarketing
Ever wondered about these Ads you keep getting when you visit a website for a certain brand? Yes, These are the Remarketing Ads on Google. There is a fine line between making these Ads the real interest raiser for your potential customers & making them just another annoying irrelevant Ads that we keep getting. Come Closer, Listen up, We Know The Formula for this one!
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What We Do:

  • First, We Guarantee You A Frontpage visibility
  • Then, We Assign A dedicated account manager to plan your campaign.
  • And, Dissecting your business aspects and highlighting your competitive advantages.
  • And, We do an In-depth analysis of the market with effective strategies.
  • Then, We Create a set of keywords; widely searched and relevant to your business.
  • And, We keep on doing Frequent testing and tweaking to maintain efficiency.
  • Also, We make sure that our Flexible packages and pricing plans tailor-made to suit your budget.

What You Can Do:

  • Track number of clicks, leads, and prospects generated from your ad.
  • Know your own expenses to know every penny spent on the campaign.
  • Measure sales and ROI.
  • Change or modify your keywords according to your business's increasing demands, seasonal changes, promotions and special offers.

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Syam Prabhu
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Shehab El Mahdy
Marketing Manager
Seamless Media Team is easy to work with. They not only help us shape our social media platforms but they also share insights on our social media strategy.
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